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New Technology Guarantees a Shave Free of Irritation

Men Spend 45 days of Their Life Shaving Their Face. Did You Know, That This Everyday Routine Is Harmful to Your Skin? This New Shaver Is Revolutionary and Has Stunning Results Without the Need of Shaving Cream!

Watch the video below to find out how it works. 

How is RazorX so Revolutionary? 

If you’re a man, you will spend 65,520 minutes, or 1,092 hours, shaving your face. That means you sit down, haul out the shaving cream, make a messwet your clothes, and annoy your wife. What happens if you could waste less time in the bathroom so you can spend more time doing something you enjoy? Say goodbye to regular razors and hello to RazorX, a new, high-performance dry-shave razor. 

You don’t need any shaving cream, moisturizer, or special shaving mirror. Instead, you need RazorX and that’s all! This revolutionary razor has a pivoting head, an LED light so you can see what you’re doing, and it comes with three combs as well. What’s more, its high-quality German stainless-steel makes shaving a breeze. You can dry shave without any nicksbumpslumpsrazor burnirritation, or ingrown hairs! It charges via USB, you can use it on the road, and it features the best of the best when it comes to unique engineering.

What You’ll Love About RazorX…

Injury and effort-free

No nicks, bumps, cuts, razor burn, irritation, or ingrown hairs

Clean and tidy

Dry-shave with no water or creams

Quality materials

German stainless steel dual-sided blade

Comfortable to use

Pivoting head, three additional trimming combs, built-in LED light

Do You Want To Waste Another Minute With a Terrible Disposable Razor?

Cut your shaving time in HALF with RazorX – a quality, engineered grooming tool of perfection.

We also recommend you to take advantage of the very attractive multiple order discounts that RazorX is offering. Why not get one for your loved ones or one for your friends? Take advantage now, since these discounts won’t last forever.

How Long Does the Battery Last?

The rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts up to 45 minutes.

What are the Dimensions?

12.63 x 8 x 5.75 inches

How Big Are the Trimming Combs?

1mm, 3mm, and 5mm

Customers Love RazorX, and So Will You … 

Our Awards:

WINNER – Most useful XY21 Innovation Awards 2018

WINNER – Most Innovative Dublin Today Awards 2017

WINNER – Readers’ Choice Innovator Awards 2018

Don’t Waste Another Minute With a Terrible Disposable Razor!


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